Sage-Apparel-ManagementSage 100 Apparel Management, brought to you by ACI Consulting

offers contemporary apparel distributors and manufacturers with a full suite of customizable enhancements for the Sage 100 system.

Sage Apparel Management is a state-of-the-art solution for companies that want help handling their organizational, manufacturing, purchasing, sale, and distribution needs. This advanced platform works in conjunction with the standard modules of Inventory, Purchase Order, Sales Order, RMA, and Bill of Materials, along with providing complete integration with the General Ledger and accounting processes.

Upgrades to Sage 100’s standard inventory system allows users to seamlessly manage an endless number of color and size combinations, monitor the stock of each combination in easy-to-view templates and even present pick sheets horizontally across the page for each item/color/size combination. Companies can handle the pre-book and at-once sales of seasonal merchandise with easy start, cut-off, and ship date restrictions for domestic and international buyers.  In addition, the sophisticated system allows you to auto-generate purchase orders for the factory based on all pre-book and stocking orders.

Sage 100 Apparel Management is compatible with EDI, 3PL, Multi-Currency, Advanced Landed Cost InSynch Web Integration, and the market’s leading scanning solutions.


  • Item Maintenance is modified with a new function allowing users to create and manage very common parts in the matrix format. Begin this process by using Base Item Number.
  • Each Base Item Number, a matrix can be created of the following components:

…size and color
and  more…

From this custom matrix, hundreds of parts can be added to Sage 100 in mere minutes. Item parameters (such as product line, price and cost) are taken from the Base Item Number.

  • Once they have been created, the master-style matrix creates POs and SOs, processed quickly, saving you time; transactions are then recorded with the standard Sage 100 architecture—ease of use and seamless integration.

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