iStock_000007924696XSmallWhat is Electronic Data Interchange?

When your company needs to do business with major players such as Target, Costco, and The Home Depot, rest assured that Sage 100 and 500 ERP are EDI-ready.  There are a few considerations when reviewing your EDI solutions:

  • Do you want purchase orders from your customers to become sales orders automatically in Sage 100?
  • Does your trading partner require ASNs?
  • What specific forms does your trading partner require?


ACI Consulting offers Sage EDI powered by HighJump

However, there are many EDI solutions to choose from, and ACI Consulting will work with you and your trading partners to select the correct option.

Sage  ERP EDI powered by HighJump automates your EDI transactions when your customers demand it and integrates all in bound and out bound forms.

EDI is a complicated process made easy with the Sage ERP.  There are no annual maintenance fees or network subscription fees, no early termination fees, and support and software and mapping updates are free.  If you are doing business with some of the larger trading partners such as Costco, The Home Depot, and Target, then Sage ERP EDI is for you.

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