The number of company and project-related documents that pile up can be staggering.

Pack of sheets of paper fastened by paper clipsFrom ordering the smallest nut and bolt to getting approval on an invoice, the process is often tedious. And finding the documents later in the project cycle can be even more of a pain.

The Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Document Management application gives you command and control of your paperwork nightmare. You’ll significantly reduce risk and help avoid litigation through improved collaboration, audit trails, and complete project and company document control.

Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP seamlessly integrate with Sage 100 Document Management System (DMS) powered by Altec.  Eliminate filing cabinets, improve workflow, and increase efficiency.  From a simple AP invoice, scan the document, see it go through workflow approval by one or more departments, and attach all related documents to one source.

Improve your workflow and eliminate paper, saving time and money, with the Sage Document Management System (DMS)  module.  Both cost-effective and streamlined, Sage DMS allows your accounts payable department to have an approval process for workflow, and at the same time store and attach electronic invoices to the P/O, Check, and Vendor.  Take it to the next step and provide workflow with your accounts receivable, sales, and accounting departments (or any departments that could improve  efficiency).

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