16 December 2017

Can Your Rev Rec Software Support These Complex Challenges?

16 December 2017,

In an earlier post, I discussed many of the key challenges in accounting for revenue under ASC 606. In my last column, I detailed the four […]

14 December 2017

Understanding and Communicating Nonprofit Outcome Measures

14 December 2017,

In the current nonprofit environment, transparency is the name of the game. From regulators to donors, everyone wants to know what you’re doing and […]

8 December 2017

The Highs and Lows of AP Automation

8 December 2017,

In a recent report on ePayables, with a spotlight on Yooz, Ardent | Partners research firm has a nice way of describing how companies […]

7 December 2017

Is Your Head in the Clouds – Is Your Accounting Software?

7 December 2017,

Software companies are turning to the cloud to achieve greater growth and reduced integration issues. Investing in cloud-based software will enable your organization to have accelerated […]

1 December 2017

3 sales tax triggers for your growing software company

1 December 2017,

Software sales tax — it can be tough to wrap your head around. Even tougher once you consider this: Your sales tax obligations mirror […]

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